Parishioner’s Poem For Ukraine

During Sunday Service, our 1st reading is always chosen and read by a member of the congregation. On Sunday 1st of May, church member Bernice Landers read for us her self composed poem. It is reproduced here with permission.

Shattered walls come tumbling down, people screaming, running around.

Four men injured, two stable, two dead.

The story on the news for one week or two, soon the war forgotten for something new.

A child cries out in anguish and pain, as a bomb goes off and her father is slain.

They don’t care that she sees with young eyes, the faces that for the rest of her life she’ll despise,

That millions of people just like this child grow to feel anger and hatred inside.

Russia, what’s happened, what have you done, where’s your sense of humanity gone?

Innocent people permanently scarred, killed in their beds; bombed in their cars.

While invading Ukraine with no just cause, killing civilians, breaking all laws

Nothing left behind but a country in pain, all because of a madman, so arrogant and so vain.

  • Bernice Landers c 2022