Pastoral Care

Pastoral care (also called spiritual care) is the way we offer support and compassion to each other in community, and it’s a wonderful part of Unitarian approach to ministry. 

At times, our own sense of meaning purpose, and connectedness can feel as if it were blocked. We might be feeling a pain as if we were disconnected, abandoned, or lost in our sense of direction. These episodes are common to all of us. Sometimes this is triggered as a part of the natural life changes associated with our growing and maturing. Sometimes the trigger is one or more of the events around us – past trauma, current circumstances, and anticipation of the future.

Our goal is to listen and affirm, to help you come up with your own solutions and strategies for moving forward. We are there to accompany you as you reshape you life’s narrative.

Pastoral care isn’t counselling or therapy but is care focused on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. If in the course of our sharing, it appears that you may benefit from a therapist, we are ready to support you in that decision and even assist with a referral.

The pastoral care team will be glad to hear from you, whether you are going through a tough time, want to share good news, or need some support with discernment and decision making. Contact our minister for a pastoral care appointment.


All requests and meetings for pastoral care are confidential – between you and your support person. However, there are a few cases where our pastoral care team has a duty of care requirement to take further action. For example:
– a threat or report of harm to yourself
– a threat or report of harm to others
– disclosure of abuse or suspected harm to a vulnerable person