Training & Education


  • Unitarians have no dogma, doctrine, or catechism – so what is our training and education about?


  • It about developing ourselves as individuals and becoming more effective members of our families, church community, and society.

UU Leadership Institute

The UU Leadership Institute is run by the Unitarian Universalist Church in the United States. It provides internet-based training on a variety of topics ranging from social responsibility, to spirituality, to church stewardship and leadership. Most classes are very affordable, between $15 and $30. Free trainings also available. You must register to the site to access the class catalog. (See: )

Cork Unitarian Church In-House Training

Cork Unitarian Church is in the process of developing a series of self-study programs. These classes are delivered via the Google Classroom tool. A Google G-Mail userid is required in order to access the classes.

Church Leadership Classes:

Spiritual Development Classes:

Pastoral Care Classes: