Prayer Requests

It does not matter what your thoughts about prayer and praying are. We are here to listen and for you to share your prayer intentions anonomously with a group of people who will hold them in prayer, each in their own individual fashion. 

What is the Prayer Circle?

The Cork Unitarian Church Prayer Circle is a place to share joys and concerns to a warm and friendly group who have committed to send their prayers, good energy, good thoughts, and care focused on your needs and intentions.

How would you send a prayer to the Prayer Circle?

Anyone wanting to ask for a prayer can send an E-Mail to: [email protected]
The request will be distributed once to the entire Circle at the next Prayer Circle mailout opportunity.

Please repeat your request as necessary and please send news of answered prayer.

There is no need to go into detail or name full names – remember, the email will go out far and wide. Please be wise in protecting your own and others’ anonymity.

If you have a need that is so personal you wish not to give any detail at all, that’s fine. Just write that you request prayer for a special intention. Remember, God knows the details.

If you would like to submit a prayer request now, you may use this form: