Inclusive Church

Inclusive Church

There are a lot of attributes have been used to divide, segregate, discriminate against, and exclude people. The attributes that divide us can be physical (e.g. age, physical appearance, gender, physical capability, etc) or social (e.g. wealth, status, sexual identification / orientation, life style, language, customs, politics, etc.). 

In the context of religion, there is also a common unfortunate tendency to separate and diminish others on the basis of beliefs, thoughts, and ritual practices. Sadly, the choice to hold such a position is often attributed to divine guidance rather than personal prejudice.

An inclusive church does not overlook changes based on a conversion agenda. Nor does an inclusive church simply tolerate differences. In an inclusive church, the notion of “the other” simply does not gain traction and the the mindset changes from “we and them” to “us” without the need for us to be the same.

An inclusive church creates spaces where:

  • people can be comfortable with themselves in the presence of others
  • where we have a church community which embraces individuals in the richness of their differences

Cork Unitarian Church aspires to be an inclusive church.

Enjoy our little video on inclusive church