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Like many young men in the 1980’s having left school I pursued a vocation as a priest within the Roman Catholic church. I found out that it was not the life for me but I still have good and happy memories of my time as a seminarian. Back in the secular world, I had to find and build a career and was lucky to land in broadcasting and having discovered my niche, I went on to enjoy a very successful career. Along the way, I fell in love and am married to Kay, we have a now adult daughter. Having left my Catholic roots I became a Unitarian, I loved the freedom it afforded me, nobody told me I had to believe in X, Y or Z. In that community, I found an atmosphere where doubts and questions were welcomed. Having wrestled with the idea for some years, I was admitted into ministry training within the NSPCI and was ordained in 2017. Being a ” late vocation” means I am not full of innocent enthusiasm but rather a realistic passion based on lived experiences. I have throughout my life made my mistakes, yes, over and over again! I have blundered, faltered, found both success and failure in equal measure. I have realised that no matter what religion demands of me, I cannot be anymore than what I am; human.

As a minister I try to lead by example, you will find me sweeping the floors, painting walls and drinking too much coffee. I prefer people call me Mike. I am very much ecumenically minded believing religions should concentrate on what they have in common rather than any differences they have. I am secretary of Cork 3 Faith Forum.

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