You might say that the Cork Unitarian Church is idealistic. For us, that is not referring to some lofty, grand, and possibly unrealistic notion of perfection. Rather it refers to the way in which we value ideals as a way of expressing how we like to think, feel, and hope. 

We each have our own individual ideals concerning our own spiritual journeys. We hold some of those ideals collectively regarding our attitudes about Cork Unitarian Church community.

So at Cork Unitarian Church, you will not find prescriptive dogma, doctrines, and creeds telling us what we should or should not think, believe, or do. For example, we view scripture as a tool for spiritual exploration and inspiration, rather than as a manual of definitive answers. We also accept that profound spiritual insights are not the exclusive to any one religious tradition. As a result, we can respectfully learn from different sources, recognising that they may not agree with each other and we may or may not agree with more than part of what they tell us.

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You might also enjoy this Image of G.O.D. essay. It is representative of our method of reflecting on some traditional religious themes, but in an open exploratory way.

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