In tune with modern attitudes and the law of our land, the Unitarian Church recognizes that relationships, love and marriage are not gender specific and so the Unitarian Church offers a marriage service to all those who are legally entitled to enter into matrimony. 

Planning your wedding day is a wonderful and exciting time, you do of course want very thing to be as perfect as it can be and you want it to be your day!

At the Unitarian Church we are not tied down by man made creed and dogma and you do not have to be a member of our congregation to marry in our church.

Please Note that for the foreseeable future all weddings will be subject to the then current Covid-19 guidelines over which the church has no control.

A wedding in our church offers you :

  • Corks oldest and most historic church, which has been newly renovated, located right in the heart of our great city.
  • Our minister, who is married himself and understands the excitement and stress planning your big day can cause!
  • A wedding service that can be tailored to your specific needs, to reflect who you both are. The choice of music and readings is if so desired, left up to the couple themselves.

Some FAQ’s about weddings

Does your church perform same sex marriages?
Yes, we do. When same sex marriage was passed into law, we took the decision in line with our ethos to offer weddings to same sex couples. Our belief is a strongly held one; God is the God of all people and love and marriage are not a question of gender.

Must I or We be members of your church?
No you do not. Nor will you be asked to be. You may be of any faith or none.

Do you re-marry a couple where one or both may be divorced?
We recognise that nobody enters into marriage with the intention of getting divorced and if it wasn’t for second chances we would all be in trouble. Once any divorce is recognised by the state and proof of divorce can be furnished there isn’t an issue.

Do we have to do a Pre marriage course?
The simple answer is, NO.

Must we still do the paperwork required by the HSE?
Yes, you must. All marriages in the Republic of Ireland must go through the HSE. The process is user friendly and the minister will talk you through what needs to be done.

How much notice must I give the church?
The legal time frame for the HSE is 3 months. However, for practical reasons our minister would require a bit more time. Usually a period of 6 months or longer. As always there may be exceptions.

Does your minister do weddings at outside civil venues?
He may do, depending on distance and availability. If held in a civil venue, such as a hotel, it will still be a Unitarian church wedding. As an ordained minister, he is not permitted to do civil weddings.

If you would like to have a no obligation chat with Rev Mike then please contact him by E-Mail at:
​​[email protected] or give him a call at : 087.953.9998