Life Events

While our formal religious services are designed for our entire congregation to participate, we understand that there are many times where a specific family, group, or even individual wants a sacred space and ceremony to mark a significant life event.

Our convenient location in Cork Centre City provides easy access to our venue and many choices in the immediate area for post event get-togethers and celebrations. 

You need not be a member of the Cork Unitarian Church to celebrate your life event at Cork Unitarian Church. We are not a commercial enterprise and we would not be able to provide use of our sacred space for life event celebrations that are contrary to our core values.

Some of the more common life events held at Cork Unitarian Church are:

We can also work with you to design a custom service for a special occasion.

For more information on holding your life event commemoration at Cork Unitarian Church, contact our minister by E-Mail at: ​​[email protected] or give him a call at : 087.953.9998