Demystifying Mysticism

Course Objectives:

After having completed this course you should be able to:

  1. Understand and appreciate the historical presence and development of mysticism in western Christianity
  2. Recognise and appreciate the tendencies (or lack of tendencies) towards mysticism in yourself and others
  3. Apply your knowledge to make useful contributions to discussion about mysticism within you own church community
  4. Apply your knowledge to make discernments about any future Christian mysticism training or practices that you might later consider

Organisation of Content:

This course is organised into four main sections with multiple assignments (i.e. classes) within them. The four sections are:

  • Introduction & Basics (6 classes)
  • Modern Interpretive Frameworks (3 classes)
  • A Brief Chronological Sampler (9 classes)
  • Modern Revival Examples (4 classes)

So, if you completed an assignment every two weeks, the entire course would take just under a year to complete.

Course Delivery Method:

  • This course is self-paced and delivered on line using Google Classroom. You will need a Google G-Mail userid (i.e. [email protected]) to access the course content.
  • There is no charge to take the course.
  • Two optional on-line sessions are scheduled each month (the 1st and 3rd Monday evenings) for students to share their thoughts about the course material with the teacher(s) and other students. A 7:00PM section is provided for the convenience of students in Europe and an 11:00PM section is provided for the convenience of students in North America. Students may attend the section of their choice.
07-March-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
21-March-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
04-April-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
18-April-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
02-May-22 @7:00PM &11:00PM
16-May-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
06-June-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
20-June-22@7:00PM &11:00PM
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About the course authors:

This course is designed by the Ministry Development Team of Cork Unitarian Church. The primary editor is Br. Neal Dunnigan, OEF. His contact information is: [email protected]