Relocation Fund

On Monday 29 January 2024, fire caused extensive damage to the interior of our historic Cork Unitarian Church building. The fire destroyed furnishings, musical instruments, and audio-visual equipment used to broadcast our services. We lost office and computing equipment. We have also lost things that are especially meaningful: decorations, artwork – the entire sanctuary area.


Our church has been at the heart of the city since it opened in 1717. The Cork Unitarian Church has been a beacon for liberal and inclusive attitudes throughout its history. Our church welcomed the Catholic priest Father Matthew to sign his temperance movement into being within its walls. Our church organized the visit of former slave and abolitionist Frederic Douglass to the city of Cork. In more recent times our church’s inclusive ethos has embraced and welcomed the strides made by our country in terms of sexuality and gender identity.

Reverend Mike O’Sullivan states, “We have sought to offer a safe and sacred space where people can simply be who they are. We have always sought to embrace another’s journey in a caring and authentic manner.”


Over the years we have opened our building to various community and cultural events. We have hosted mental health and addiction recovery groups as well as provided a space for community meetings, art exhibits, singing, dance and lifestyle groups. We did this irrespective of religious affiliation or even lack thereof. In the future, we would envisage continuing these important aspects of who we are.

Cork's Lord Mayor with Minister and Church Committee
Cork's Lord Mayor with Minister and Church Committee

But now, we find ourselves needing a great deal of community help and support. We are working tirelessly trying to create a space that will allow us to continue on with our many works in Cork City. Circumstances are still unsure regarding the long term prospects for the potential repair and possible repurposing of our previous home on Prince’s Street. We are determined to maintain our strong sense of community involvement, regardless of our temporary or long term location.

For those reasons, we have launched our Relocation Fund. We need and truly appreciate whatever you can give us. Please consider being a vital part of our recovery.

We offer the following options for receiving your donations.

Cork Unitarian Church is registered with the Charities Regulator as #20000646 in the Register of Charities.