Mid-Week / Mid-Day Meditations – Guided Meditation for Beginners

We offer an on-site introduction to guided meditation every Wednesday from 11:30AM through 12:15PM via Zoom.


Our session are designed to provide a brief (30 minute) break in your work week during your lunch break. Our meditation sessions are simple and non-religious (although you might find them spiritually uplifting). In order to provide you with a diversified introduction to meditation, we rotate our meditation format weekly between simplified versions of:

  • Loving-Kindness Meditation – Focuses on positive imaging. Derived from Buddhist Metta (i.e. a mental state of unselfish and unconditional kindness to all beings) meditation.
  • Centring Meditation – Focuses on cultivation of a more open mind and heart. Derived from Christian Centering Prayer Meditation.
  • Experiment with Light Meditation – Focuses on self awareness and personal insight. Derived from the Quaker tradition.
  • Ki (Chi) Meditation – a more technical meditation focusing on posture, breathing, and body awareness. Based on Japanese methods of mind/body coordination