Random Image Pretty Photo Zoom Test

Random image with prettyPhoto zoom WordPress plugin by gopiplus 

Used to select a random image out of a file.

Images can be grouped into folders in the /wp-content/uploads/ subdirectory. Directory mappings for the image folders is done under Settings => RIGWPPZ

Content (i.e. image files) are placed into the folders using File Manager (i.e. Filester – WordPress File Manager Pro)

Display options:

  • theme =”1″ : dark_rounded
  • theme =”2″ : dark_square
  • theme =”3″ : default
  • theme =”4″ : light_rounded
  • theme =”5″ : facebook
  • theme =”6″ : light_square

DIR4 maps to wp-content/uploads/Quotes/ and is used for the home page (i.e. Front Page)

[random-image-pp-zoom dir=”DIR4″ width=”1200″ theme=”5″]

DIR3 maps to wp-content/uploads/Unitarian-Humor/ and is used for Unitarian Humor

[random-image-pp-zoom dir=”DIR3″ width=”800″ theme=”5″]

The other directories (i.e. DIR1, DIR2, & DIR5) are set to the default folder – wp-content/plugins/random-image-gallery-with-pretty-photo-zoom/random-gallery/ Included in the default folder are three stock JPG images.