Author name: Mike O'Sullivan

Book Launch 25th March 23

Rev. Tony Flannery, CSsR
This Saturday, March 25th we are delighted to host the launch of the latest book from Peter Keenan; ” The Death of Jesus the Jew”. Peter is a former advisor to the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and this is the follow up to his last book on the birth of Jesus.
The launch takes place in our church hall @ 3pm and all are welcome. The event MC is Rev. Mike O’Sullivan with the guest speaker being the Rev. Tony Flannery, CSsR. Tony, ordained a catholic priest in 1974 was silenced and suspended from active ministry by the Vatican in 2012 for his progressive and inclusive views on issues including LGBT inclusion, the ordination of women and his churches stance on contraception. He is still suspended from ministry. After the official launch Rev O’Sullivan will moderate a Q & A session with both Peter Keenan and Fr. Flannery. Published by Columba Books, copies will be on sale on the day.

Ancestral Visit

On Sunday 12th of February we were joined at service by Diana Menzies who travelled from Scotland to be with us. Diana is the granddaughter of The Rev. William A. Weatherhall ( 1872-1956 ) who was minister of this church from 1913 until his retirement in 1954. Diana was joined by her own granddaughter Danni Menzies whom you may recognise as the presenter of the Channel 4 show; ” A Place in the Sun”.

Pictured after the service : Danni Menzies, Neal Dunnigan Chair of Church Committee; Dianna Menzies and Rev. Mike O’Sullivan, minister.

Photo Credit : K. O’Sullivan

Service of Dedication and Blessing

On Sunday 29th of January at 2pm, we will have a service to dedicate and bless our new Spirit of Life chapel. The service will be led by The Rev. Bridget Spain, Moderator of The Synod of Munster and The Rev. Mike O’Sullivan, minister of the church. We will be joined by ecumenical friends and all are welcome. The service will be livestreamed as per usual on our Facebook page. if your planning to attend in person or remotely please note: 2pm start and there will be no morning service that morning.

Church Liturgical Calendar 2023

The Church Liturgical Calendar for 2023 is now available on the website. Planned services include; a Mid Winter service, a service for International Women’s day a Parenting service, Earth day, a Diversity service, a Festival of Faiths service and in October a animal blessing service. Our Harvest will be an Urban Harvest service. the month of May will be Unitarian heritage month with June ; Affirmation month. We have our congregational outing pencilled in for July. Ordinary Sunday homily topics will be updated monthly. The calendar can be viewed in full at :

Despite the heat, this World Cup leaves me cold

Those who know me, know I am a huge soccer fan, I watch it on TV and get to live games whenever I can. Since the age of about 5, thanks to my grandad, I have been a passionate Arsenal fan, living through the glory days of Arsne Wenger and the slumps before and after. Like all ” Gooners” I am basking in our revival and a hopeful return to those glory years under Wenger. I have owned every bit of Arsenal merchandise ever made; when alive, my dog Bobby wore an Arsenal collar, and I am a familiar sight around the church in my Arsenal baseball cap. As much as I love soccer, as much as it excites me, the prospect of this World Cup, the traditional battle of the worlds footballing giants is leaving me cold.
Bill Shankly once commented that football was more important than life or death, now it seems both life and death do not matter to a game that has been consumed by money. The World Cup is a spectacle, universally watched and enjoyed by all ages, its image I fear has been tarnished, its principles sold, it has given away its soul.
Some say that sport should be beyond politics, but this is not politics. This is life and death. The death of over 6,000 migrant workers in the construction phase simply cannot be ignored, Qatar’s treatment of those who are LGBTQI+ likewise cannot be brushed under the carpet, the rights of women and young girls cannot be ignored. The players did not choose this venue, they had no say but those who did surely have questions to answer because it seems Bill Shankly ironically may have been right; football is more than life or death and that is footballs shame.

Puddles in the Rain

Being the minister of a city centre church allows me to watch the life of the city and its people ” close up ” as it were. Standing at our church gates I see people shopping, heading to and from work, I see people rushing and others enjoying a gentle stroll. I see people by themselves, I see friends engaging in conversation, I see lovers holding hands.
While standing at the gates this morning, due to the deluge of rain and a blocked drain on the street, there was outside our gate, a huge puddle of water. As I stood there, a man approached with two young children in tow. They were dressed for the weather in brightly coloured wellies, the wet and rain didn’t seem to bother them at all. As they approached the puddle, dad walked around it but in typical childlike fashion, the two toddlers had to walk right through it; stomping and splashing as they went. The delight on their faces was evident. Oh, to see our world with such wonder and adventure! All the best, Rev. Mike

Unitarian Church Supports Local Artists

On Saturday 12th November we launch a new event in the church hall. The Unitarian art Spotlight is an initiative to highlight the work of local artists and will happen initially on a monthly basis. Admission to all shows is free and the spotlight launches with an exhibition by Virginia Giglio called ” Whimsical Women”. For more info visit;

Pictured is Rev. Mike O’Sullivan with new signage to promote the event.

Credit: N.Dunnigan

Chapel Video

With thanks to our friends at Cork Mental Health, here is a short (30 second () video of our new chapel, The Spirit of Life Chapel.