Funerals & Memorials

Whether it is a current loss or the anniversary of a past event, funeral and memorial services can help us tie together the threads of our past with our present. The meaningfulness of such celebrations / commemorations can often be enhanced by including a spiritual dimension.

Cork Unitarian Church provides Spiritual Funeral Celebrant services for funerals and Spiritual Memorial Celebrant services for memorials. An increasing number of individuals who are not members of a particular church still feel comforted and connected by adding a spiritual dimension to their grieving process. We offer a flexible religious presence that can range from ecumenical Christian to non-denominational spiritual. We do not pose as clergy for other religions and perform their rituals, but we can often include elements of other spiritual traditions, such as readings, which are relevant to the deceased and their family. 

Perhaps you are looking for a location for your service and would like to consider holding it in a sacred space like Cork Unitarian Church

You need not be a member of the Cork Unitarian Church to hold your funeral service or memorial commemoration at Cork Unitarian Church. At Cork Unitarian Church, it is not our creed or even our style to proselytise or evangelise – and certainly not during a time of bereavement. Our standards of professional conduct are in line with leading chaplaincy, funeral service industry, and HSE best practices.

For more information on holding your funeral service at Cork Unitarian Church, contact your funeral home director, or contact our minister by E-Mail at: ​[email protected] or call at: 087.953.9998